I am the dancer between the stars.
I am the catalyst for your transformation.
I am the gentle softness to hold you through your healing process.
I am a weaver of realities, creating and dissolving and creating anew.
I am a sovereign soul, and my purpose is to build a bridge from this reality to the next - so that all souls may find their path to ever higher levels of harmony.
To the highest benefit of all sentient life.

So, about me

Me, that is Joyous Sparks, or Joy for short. It is not that name you'd find on my birth certificate, no. It is, however, the name that kept coming back to me through different experiences over a span of years. And as with all things that keep coming back to you, I came to the realisation that it is, indeed, mine. So I am Joy now.

I have been on this journey for all of my life, it sometimes seems. Certainly from the time that I was in my early teens. Feeling that there had to be more to this existence than what I could see and feel and know; looking and yearning for something bigger. For connection.

Having grown up strictly Roman Catholic, I tried organised religion first. When that did not lead me to that sense of connection, I went the other direction and tried organised paganism. But I quickly realised it was the same thing, basically, just with different names and trappings. Disillusioned, I decided this whole esoteric, spiritual thing wasn't for me and went into academia.

After six years I left the ivory tower again. I kept trying to re-connect, to find a way to stay there, but my soul wasn't having it. Lost, confused, not knowing where to go from here and just about at the end of my rope, I seeked out professional help.

It said "life coach" on the sign at her door, but the lady in question was a lightworker and a shaman. She guided and supported me through one of the darkest years in my life, through the breakdown of all internal scaffolding. And when I could see the light again, she introduced me to energy work.

That was - not quite it, but the sense that his could lead me where I had always wanted to go. Sadly, she passed away soon after, from a long illness. So I kept going on alone, as best as I could. And there were beautiful moments, times of a sense of expansion and joy and light and such endless, all encompassing love. But I kept losing the connection and worse, I started getting visions of being stuck in a deep rut in the ground, with a rock rolling towards me, about to bury me.

So, at the end of my wits again, I pleaded: "Universe, please let me meet someone whose vibration is so high that in resonating with them, I can pull myself out of this rut." Four months later I attended my first Openhand retreat. Universe had answered me.

From that very first retreat, I knew, felt, that I had found the way that was right for me. I resonated strongly with the philosophy and the approach, as well as the work itself. This was the kind of work I wanted to do, for myself and for others. Because even before I had attended that first retreat, I had felt a strong pull towards the Facilitation Programme. This, Universe seemed to tell me, was it.

That was in 2016. In quick succession I went through the three level courses of Openhand work, and in late 2017 was invited into the Facilitator Programme. The first training course was in January 2018, on the beautiful island of La Palma. It confirmed that for me, this work was what I was called to do. I spent the next three years practising my facilitation skills in one-to-one sessions and my energy worker abilties in supporting groups. Especially the latter filled me with such joy and such deep sense of knowing, feeling, that I had found my purpose. There is no doing in that work: it is simply me, the soul, expressing itself.

Because, ultimately, there is no separation between supporting others on their journey and walking my own path - we are mirrors of each other, and in working with you, I will always also work within my own self. And there is nothing more beautiful than that.

So to bring a long story to an end for now: I gained accreditation as Openhand Facilitator in January 2021. Synchronistically on the first full day of not just a new year of my life, but also a new decade of this incarnation.

Openhand Facilitator Logo.png

How I work

If I were to give myself a label, I'd go with highly empathic energy worker. I sense and feel things in the energy field around us, and in the energy field of the people I'm working with. Most often that translates to physical sensations such as tightness, tension, heat, tingling, etc.

From there I follow intuition and inner guidance in how to work with what I sense, letting the energy itself tell me what wants to happen.


In one-to-one sessions, for example, I will bring these areas of reaction into the client's awareness, and then support the person in working through whatever manifested, like unconscious beliefs, past trauma, and karma for instance.


When working in and with groups, I simply notice and pay attention to what calls my awareness, feel into what it is that is manifesting, and allow the energy field to guide me in what wants to happen, how this tightness wants to be animated, how that tension wants to be moved and unravelled. And when I say "how it wants to be moved", I mean that literally: I move the physical body in response to what I feel of the energy. That can be gentle and soft, like a dance with a lightbeing. More often it is not, as energy that got stuck needs more oomph to get it unstuck, and there will be coughing and throwing the whole body around.

It may look ridiculous, but it is highly effective.

Even people who are not, themselves, empathic, can feel these shifts when they happen, which allows them in turn to work with what is activating for them.

Because ultimately, that is all I will ever do: I will hold the space for your inquiry and the inner work, I will support and guide you, with your permission I will even animate energies. I will, however, never, ever tell you what to do or how to be or "fix" anything for you. For there is nothing to be fixed and only the whole beauty of your true, unique Self to be uncovered and realised.

And that is what I call the healing dance.

You are so very welcome to join me.