conscious clutter clearing

conscious clutter clearing -

 creating more space for life

Everything in your external world is a reflection of your internal world.

Clutter is a manifestation of energy that got stuck.

If you remove the internal blockage, the outer clutter will follow.

If you remove the physical clutter in the external world, the internal world will shift.


conscious clutter clearing is the gentle, mindful approach that can help you through the process of clutter clearing, both in the external world and in the internal world. It can help uncover blockages, subconscious beliefs and habits, as well as fears - and it can help work through those, unravel them, overcome them. Animate the energy that got stuck, so that it can begin to move again, begin to flow. And in that flow the most magical thing of all can happen - the revelation of




Mental, emotional, spiritual, and organisational support before, during, and after the clutter clearing process.


Times & fees

The nitty-gritty, real-world, administrative kind of details.