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I am going on an adventure ...

As there are quite a lot of changes coming up in my life, I felt to add a post about what is going on for me, and what to expect for the next ... little while.

Because I am going on an adventure. And adventures, you know, can turn out to be quite transformative and full of unexpected events and connections.

Step One: Mexico

Only three more days from today, and I will be on a plane to Mexico City, and from there onwards to Tepoztlan and the Pleiadean Holistic Center for the Openhand New Year Retreat. I had meant to participate, but as always with Openhand, things shifted and changed, and now I will be one of the facilitators.

I am really looking forward to the event. Openhand retreats are always amazing, but the New Year Retreat has a special place in my heart. Also, I will be meeting a couple of people in person for the first time that I have known for several years, in some cases, from zoom. Exciting!

Once th retreat has finished, I will be staying a couple more days to explore Mexico for a little while, before I get on a plane again for ...

Step Two: Tenerife

About three months ago, my life took a decidedly unexpected turn. See, I had been feeling to move geographic location for a while. However, beyond the feeling of changing places, nothing manifested - no location jumped at me. Until one day in October, when Universe dropped Tenerife into my lap.

And I didn't even speak Spanish.

But the feeling was clear - very, very clear. So I signed up for learning Spanish via Duolingo, gave notice on my flat, and started unravelling my life here in Germany. Including seeling pretty much all of my stuff. Not exactly an easy experience - or a painfree one, to be honest. Yet a deeply, deeply transformative experience that I would not want to miss for anything.

Maybe I will blog about that in more depths in the future.

For now, suffice to say, I am going to Tenerife. Arriving on 02 - 02 - 2022. A very auspicious date. 😉

Beyond that, I do not know. I have a place booked until February 08. Where I will be afterwards? No idea.

Actually, signs and synchronicities were very, very clear that I was not to know beforehand, but that I will know once I am there. So I am going and feel deeply curious about what it is I am meant to do, or experience, or learn, or discover, on the island.

For there is something there for me ... some sort of "download of knowing" ... and that will make taking the next steps all the more rewarding.

So, yeah. This is Joy. Going on an adventure.

❤️ The soundtrack for this adventure ❤️

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