In his book about the secret life of trees, Germany's most famous forest ranger Peter Wohleben tells the story of how one day he discovered an old tree stump that had no new shoots, no leaves, yet nevertheless was still alive. He got curious and did some research and discovered that sometimes, trees form connections via their roots. Two trees of the same kind merge their roots, so that they can pass on information and, more importantly, support each other with nutrients and the like should one of them be struggling, such as with a disease or pests.


So in the case of this stump, the tree had been cut down a long time ago and had not grown any new shoots. But its buddy was still there, was still alive, and kept supporting the stump, so that after all this time, it still lived.

I loved that story, and it touched something deep inside of me. Never let it be said that trees aren't capable of friendship.

Never let it be said that nature doesn't know kindness and community. And supporting your friend, for as long as it takes.

The story of the tree stump sparked the idea of this network. These are friends, people I resonate with - trees of the same kind. So I want to build this connection with them, and for them, and for all of us - for support, for community, to keep each other alive for as long as it takes. <3

Wigan's Wisdom

"At seven years old, Wigan is an inspirational Witch, who wants to share her messages of love, peace and kindness with the children of the world."

A beautiful, magical website introducing the world of Wigan, her friends and their adventures in book form. Go and have a look - the child in you is bound to love it. *fairy dust sprinkles*

bewegt mit Sandra Schmidt

"Leben ist Bewegung - das ist meine tiefste Überzeugung."

Life is movement. To move means to be alive, to connect with the body, as well as that which is beyond the body. That is the tenet of yoga teacher Sandra Schmidt and that is what she offers, in courses, one-to-one sessions and potentially soon in short online videos as well. If you know German and are interested in conscious body movement beyond the western interpretation of yoga, go and check her out.