soul expression

​Welcome to this space of soul expression, my "more space for life" gallery. This is the space where I share the diffeent, creative ways my soul likes to express itself.
Where the name comes from? See, when you clear your clutter, you create more space for life. As in, you create space for change, for growth, and space for energies to flow. And once there is space, new things will begin to emerge and then grow. Amazing things. Fun things. Things that fill you inside with champagne bubbles of sunshine. Things you want to share, because they give joy.

Like these things give me joy. And they all emerged, over time, when I created more space in my life. So that's why this is the "more space for life" gallery.

Come in, have a look around, and most of all: have fun!

Avalon Rising.jpg


Intuitive painting, involving a piece of paper and my awesome brushpens. Art, or as I call them: squiggles!


Whoops, video

​​I was challenged to do a video - and realised that it's a lot of fun! So suddenly there is video as a new mode of self expression. Whoops?



My photoblog on tumblr. Almost daily postings of trees, sunlight through trees, water, sunlight on water ... and whatever else catches my interest.