conscious clutter clearing

- what, exactly, is that, anyway?

conscious clutter clearing is the gentle approach to the clutter in our lives and living environments - and the reasons why it is there, why we want to get rid of it, and why doing just that can be so difficult.


It is an approach that looks at the emotions behind the stuff, the fears and blockages and unconscious patterns and beliefs that we carry with us, that can manifest as clutter in the external world. It is an approach that takes the seeming excuses of being too tired or not having the time seriously; an approach that will help you through the guilt of never starting. Or of giving up, physically and/or mentally exhausted, just as you finally do get started.

For none of these things mean that you are incompetent or lazy. They show you there is something more to be worked with than physical stuff.

Clutter clearing isn't just a physical activity. Our possessions, the things in our field mirror on the outside who we are on the inside. Everything we own carries a little bit of our identity, is a little bit a part of us. That is why clearing out our clutter is always, at one level, deep work with our own Self.

And, yeah, that can be super scary!

But no worries. You've come to the right place. Together we can find the way through your stuff, to the light at the end of the tunnel - to more space for life and the real, authentic You!

Here are some of the ways I can help you:

  • find crystal clarity about your motivation, the reason why you want to clear your clutter

  • gain a feeling sense of your ideal living environment

  • confront inner blockages that stop you and work through them

  • deal with unconscious beliefs, fears, and behavioural patterns that block the process

  • work through emotional attachments and old identities

  • support in letting go

  • support through the changes that clearing your clutter will bring to your life

  • facilitation of the unveiling and realisation of the authentic You

For more information and details about the individual steps of the process and how that support might look, keep scrolling. ;-)

Getting Ready,

Or Know Where You Want to Go

Yes, I know. It does sound obvious. And yet, in my experience, to many, many people - it is not. They tell me that they really need to clear their clutter, and then nothing ever happens. So yes, knowing where you want to go, what it looks like, and what it feels like, can help you to get ready for the clutter clearing process.

Marie Kondo points out the same. In her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up she speaks about how fundamental it is to sit down and reflect on why you want to clutter clear and on the desired end result before you get started. The clearer you can see and feel the ideal state of your living environment, the easier the clearing out will be later on.

And I have seen it happen, too. I have seen how the simple knowledge of why somebody wanted to clear their clutter was enough to motivate them to get started. Just hearing themselves say, "It's such a burden, it's so heavy" was enough for them to realise what was going on. And that they were done carrying all this stuff.

But not everyone has the time - or the patience, really - to sit down with pen and paper, reflect, question, inquire, and take notes on the results. Especially when you get to questioning your own reasons and discovering the why beyond the pat answers, the mind can go completely blank or you feel as if you are running in circles.

This is where I come in. Using open questions, I can guide you in discovering the answers that are already waiting inside of you and help you create a clear internal image and feeling sense of exactly where you want to go and how you want to be.


Getting Started,

Or No, It's Not An Excuse

So, you've jumped the first obstacle and have your motivation down pat. Nothing to stop you now! Right?

Well, sometimes it is not as easy as all that. Sometimes all the motivation in the world, not even the clearest inner feeling sense of your desired end result, is enough to get you to actually, physically tackle the stuff.


Because there is always something happening that gets in the way. Because you are tired. Because you are so busy. Because you feel so exhausted when you come home at night and then have to think about clearing clutter and you feel even worse. Completely flat and all out of bubbles.


And you start feeling bad, guilty, begin to think you're somehow a failure or lazy, judge yourself, accuse yourself - and end up with a bad tummy ache and no desire whatsoever to even think the words clutter clearing again.

Any of that sound familiar?


What sounds like a bunch of excuses actually is a sign that something deeper is stopping people from clearing out their clutter - blockages, suppressed emotions, unconscious beliefs, even fears. Ignoring them or laughing at them doesn't help, neither with clutter clearing nor anywhere else.

​​So stop beating yourself up and let's take a look at what it is that is stopping you from getting started. I will hold the space for your inner inquiry and guide you through whatever comes up. Whatever is ready to be let go, we'll get it out of your way.


Letting Go,

Or But It Was A Present!

You got over the first stumbling blocks and met the first challenges. You are busily de-cluttering and always keep an eye on what is going on internally. Fantastic! Nothing can throw you off course now, right? Get rid of all the stuff!

Well, except for this one thing here. No, really, it has to stay. Oh, and that one, too! Because there are so many memories attached to it. Because it was once a favoured possession. Because it was so expensive. Because it was a present. Because reasons.

As you go about clutter clearing all your stuff, you are likely to keep coming across things that you simply cannot let go of. And that's absolutely okay. Treasure your treasures! Things become less fun when these are items you'd really rather be rid of. They drag your mood down when you look at them, rattle around at the bottom of a box or take up space at the back of your wardrobe. They are not pretty. They are always in the way. Maybe they even stress you out when you so much as think about them. Nobody wants that. So why are they still here?

This is the part in the clutter clearing that goes really deep, because now you are facing the true letting go process. Not merely of the items themselves, but of the old you that they represent. And that is not easy at all. It takes courage and commitment to keep going. I know you can do it, else you wouldn't be reading this. Still, a helping hand ccan make this frightening step so much more easy.

So let me reach out that hand to you and offer you my support in this step.  Yes, it can be frightening. And it is beyond worth it, because as you let go of the old you, something truly magical can happen: the emergence of the authentic, aligned You.


After the Fact,

Or Help, Suddenly Everything's Different!

You're done with clutter clearing, and suddenly all kinds of things begin to happen in your life. Good things, great things, truly magical things!


Or, perhaps, these things are not so great. Perhaps suddenly everything seems to be falling apart and going down the drain.  What's going on here? Weren't things supposed to be all nice and awesome now, with lots of space for life?

Well, you have created a lot of space through clearing your clutter. Space for all the things that have been buried underneath. Those can be the truly awesome, magical things: lightness, creativity, energy, success, flow. They can also be the things that the clutter always covered: fears, grief, loneliness.

Now, before you start thinking that everything is better with clutter and go around accumulating new stuff: Please don't. You have worked really hard and created space for things to move and be. Use this chance, this opportunity. You are now an old hat at clutter clearing - why not use the skills you've gained for clearing out the internal clutter as well? The fear, the grief, the loneliness? They don't have to be in your space any more than the physical clutter was. If you want to, let them go.

But how to do that? How to deal with all of these scary, uncomfortable things?

I wouldn't be speaking of them if I weren't able to offer you my support in dealing with those things, as well. Trust me, I have gone through them myself. I know how utterly scary that can be. I also know how much can be gained.

For this is the step of true alchemy, of deep and lasting change in your life. As you work through these feelings, you unravel them, unwind them from your energy field - and your life. If the previous step has been about the emergence of the real You, here you create the space for it to come through and shine a light in your life.

You don't have to do it alone. I am here to go with you all the way.