There are no set times for sessions, we will agree on these together. I am currently on Central European Time, but entirely flexible. So even if you're in New Zealand or New Mexico, that shouldn't be a problem; I can work around time zones.

A first Discovery Session will be 30 - 45 minutes, a Coaching Session about 60 minutes, and the Transformation Session about 90 minutes. Please allow that time to get the most out of your session.

Sessions happen via zoom, which I am sure by now everyone knows. If not, don't worry - all you'll need to do is follow the link I'll send to you. Works on smartphones, too, if less well than on a computer.


There are several pricing options available, depending on the type of session and on what you wish to achieve. **

Prices by session

(if you pay individually)

Coaching Session          - 55.00 €

Transformation Session - 75.00 €

Prices by programmes

There are two three-month-programmes available at the moment

The "Conscious Clutter Clearing Coaching Programme"

Seven sessions over the period of three months, to support you through the clutter clearing process. No matter what it is you are de-cluttering, physical stuff, digital stuff or emotional stuff. Offers mental, emotional, spiritual and organisational support.

- 351.00 € (or 117.00 €/month)

The "Conscious Clutter Clearing Transformation Programme"

Seven sessions over the period of three months that have the potential to truly transform you life. We will go deep, working in the interal world towards the ultimate goal - the revelation of the authentic You!

This programme is also for people on the spiritual path, who are looking for support in times of chaos and change.

- 456.00 € (or 152.00 €/month)


** There are also pricing options available for people with low/no income and students. Please contact me directly to inquire about those.