transformational healing



go deep and touch soul

break through blockages and karma

release deep-seated emotions and stuck energies

Transformational Healing Meditations offers a safe environment for deep internal explorations. I am here to hold the space for you and gently work with the energy field, animating that which is stuck, encouraging that which wishes to move, guiding that which wishes to be released into the universal torus to be taken away, and support you through the process. You are safe, you are held, and if you are looking for support while working through inner density, blockages or karma, you will find it in this gentle, catalytic dance.

Transformational Healing Meditations can help you to:

  • touch on and release (strong) emotions, such as grief

  • work through inner blockages and release stuck energy

  • help gain clarity on situations in your life and where you want to go

  • activate and process karma.

You do not need prior experiences with meditating to participate in a session. I will guide you in the beginning and then hold the space for your own exploration, whichever form that might take (up to and including falling asleep. Yes, that is perfectly fine.)

You will need to take responsibility for your own sutff, though. I am not a healer, I am not here to magically fix you. I can help you, and will gladly do so - and cheer you on the entire time. I will not, ever, walk the path for you.

Transformational Healing Meditations are group meditations. The groups are small, with a maximum of six people. After the meditation itself, there will be time to share experiences, ask questions and explore deeper. Total session time is about 90 minutes.

The first session is free. From the second session onward, pricing is as follows:

  • 32.00 €/session if you are paying per session

  • 28.00 €/session if you purchase a ticket of three (84.00 € for the ticket)

  • 25.00 €/session if you purchase a ticket of five (125.00 € for the ticket)

If you resonate with the approach and feel this would help you, yet cannot afford the prices: Please get in touch with me - there are pricing options for people with low/no income and students.

If you are interested and would like to join for your free discovery session: get in touch!

Session schedule

Sessions are currently set every other week - this is to give you time to process and integrate between sessions. If there is sufficient interest, I will offer a weekly slot for people who would like to up the intensity of their inner journey. The schedule right now is:

Week 1/uneven weeks

Tuesday, 6pm BST / 7pm CEST / 10am PST       - group in English

Thursday, 1pm BST / 2pm CEST                               - group in English, beginners welcome

Week 2/even weeks

Thursday, 7pm CEST                                            - group in German, open to all, beginners welcome

And repeating

If none of these times work for you, but you can rustle up at least two friends who'd like to try these meditations as well, get in touch and we'll find a day and time that works for all of us. :-)

what people say about these meditations

"You held the space rock steady from star to finish. I felt so safe, so held to let whatever wanted come through, which turned out to be loads of grief [...]

You truly have a gift. You're not for everyone, since only a fraction of people are ready to the inner work you're able to catalyze, but I do believe that will change in the very near future, especially as things get more and more serious and people realize there is no escaping doing the inner work, to fully face ones pain, shame, guilt, self-hate, inner light, love etc."


Nils, Norway

Thankyou again for last evening Joy. It was very helpful. Also, all night in my sleep I was working & physically moving the denser energy. I feel a lot has moved this morning. So very useful.

Rachel, England