two ways

There are basically two ways to approach clearing your clutter consciously - one is in the external world and one is in the internal world.


What that means is that you can either focus on the physical stuff and work through clearing it - and not just simply throw everything out. Or you can focus on your internal world, find the source of the clutter in your consciousness, and work on that level to unwind the energy that got stuck. Once you've done that, the physical de-cluttering process is likely to go much, much more easily.

Of course, there are overlaps between the two ways. Clutter clearing consciously means you will always have part of your attention focused inwards - and even if you have removed the emotional/mental/energetic blockages in the internal world, you will still need to get rid of the stuff in the external world.

Ultimately, it is a question of where you are at in your own journey and how you, personally, approach things. These are simply two different ways - one is not better or "more right" than the other.

And as there are two types of approach, there are two types of sessions: the Coaching Session and the Transformation Session.

coaching session

In a coaching session, we approach the clutter on the physical level and from a very practical, down-to-earth aspect. We'll look at the aspects that prevent you from getting started - e.g. no time, always tired - and work towards your unique clutter clearing strategy, providing you with tools and knowledge that will help you through the process.

At one point, we will likely be touching on things such as emotional attachments and unconscious patterns and beliefs. These aspects are alwys part of a clutter clearing process - just as the things themselves are part of your life.

We might also delve into the question of how to deal with clutter clearing in a relationship and/or family.

Overall, the focus of a coaching session is more on the physical, practical aspect of clutter clearing.

The coaching session will be a good choice for you, if:

  • you have a very grounded approach to life

  • you are just starting out clearing your clutter

  • you have never done any clutter clearing before

  • you prefer to start slowly and proceed carefully

  • you have already so much else going on you're feeling a little overwhelmed already

transformation session

In a transformation session, we approach the clutter from the energetic side. Beginning with a guided meditation to connect, we will explore your internal world, the emotional, mental, and energetic blockages that manifest clutter, what these are, and how to unwind them.

Similar to the coaching session, we will likely touch on all kinds of attachment as well as unconscious patterns of behaviour and beliefs. In a transformation session, however, we will go deeper, right into the density, and seek a way to break through and unwind it.

This is deep work, sometimes challenging work, and it is also deeply alchemical: each transformation session has the potential to completely change your life.

While we will certainly also discuss the practical aspects of clearing your clutter in the physical plane, the focus here is firmly on the internal world, with the purpose of unveiling and then embodying the real, authentic You.

The transformation session will be a good choice for you, if:

  • you are willing and ready to go deep and change your life

  • you have an interest in energy work

  • you have become a bit (or a lot) directionless and would like to find your path again

  • you are ready to uncover the True You and shine your light into this world

I've made a lot of progress on the house...very pleased about that, it also involves some unplanned clutter clearing.... The kitchen cabinets had to be moved - in the process I have also looked into the drawers and de-cluttered things....

So I didn't focus on choosing one particular day, but every time I worked on the house, I thought to question the things I that pick up....and that's what I did ...

In any case, I am very grateful to you that you have introduced me to the letting go of things and to the fun
of clutter clearing....that's really great!

Ruth, Germany

That was a wonderful journey of experiences and clearing I think, thank you ☺️.

I can feel my joy trying to get out again!!!


Will definitely look to the things we uncovered and see where that leads me. I feel very excited for this part of my journey

Much love and gratitude

Diane, England